Capacitive Stylus VS Wacom Stylus

What kind of stylus would you like to use with your tablet or smartphone? Many of us have never really used a stylus before now, which can make it hard to buy your very first stylus pen for an iPad, other tablet or smartphone. To give you some guidance, we’ve created a list of styluses, including the Capacitive and Wacom styluses. Now, go ahead and read on to choose which stylus is the perfect option for you!

Capacitive Stylus

These types of styluses work with any modern touchscreen device, minus the Wii U GamePad. The most affordable option is a Capacitive stylus, and it works the same way your finger does when touching a touchscreen, including the electrostatic field your finger can cause when it touches the screen to hard. Ut all you need to know is that the Capacitive stylus is just like your finger, and they’re the most affordable stylus out on the market today.

The Pros

  • A Capacitive stylus will work with any device, as long as the device has a Capacitive touchscreen (a touchscreen that works with your finger), you will be able to use your Capacitive stylus on it.
  • No batteries are ever required when using a Capacitive stylus.
  • They’re the most affordable stylus out on the market.

The Cons

  • A Capacitive stylus does not have any sort of pressure sensitivity. So if you’re an artist, you can expect to not be very pleased with this type of stylus.
  • There is no palm rejection when using a Capacitive stylus. This means that if you’re using this stylus pen on an iPad while your palm is also touching the screen, the screen cannot differentiate the difference between the stylus and your palm.
  • The Capacitive stylus is as simple as it gets, so don’t expect any additional functions, such as an electric eraser. It functions exactly like your finger.

Wacom Digitizer

The Wacom is was originally very special and important to artists but has started to make its way to consumer devices. Wacom technology integrates a specialized sensor into the touch screen to create a well-working stylus pen perfect for drawing. However, it’s important to note that the sensitivity from Wacom stylus to iPads and other devices differs.

The Pros

  • When you purchase a Wacom stylus, you expect different pressures, which makes it perfect for any artist. It offers the ability to detect different levels of pressure. The screen doesn’t detect the pressure, the pen does!
  • Unlike the Capacitive stylus, the Wacom stylus offers “palm rejection,” which ignores the other touches on the screen, including your palm. This enables you to rest your palm, wrist and even other hand on the screen if you so wish.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy additional features, such as an eraser and hovering ability.
  • There’s no need for any battery! Surprisingly, the Wacom stylus works well on it’s own without any needs for electricity.

The Cons

  • The Wacom is not supported on every device.
  • The price to purchase a Wacom is a bit more expensive; however, you’re paying for a higher technology.
  • Using the Wacom does require extra support, such as an application. So, you'll have to download your specific Wacom’s application in order to use your new stylus pen.

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