The Number 2 pencil stylus brings back childhood memories

The all-new Number 2 Pencil Stylus by Precision Touch™ will bring back those wonderful memories of your youth. Precision Touch™ has launched the Number 2 pencil stylus with the exact look and feel of the traditional writing utensil you remember from school. The bright yellow body topped with a pink eraser-like top combined with the hexagonal shape is made to be ergonomic and will feel incredibly natural when using it to write, draw or just navigating your device.
The best part of this stylus is not just its quirky look but the perfect balance it offers the user when they have it in their hand. Most users are surprised how much easier it is to write and draw with something they were so familiar with as a child.
The Pencil stylus comes with a 6mm black silicone tip which is marginally smaller than the traditional 8mm styluses that seems to dominate the market. This styluses tip size is just the right size to deliver good contact for note-taking or sketching. There is very limited skips or omissions and the stylus itself is made of heavy gauge Aluminum which gives it a nice heft and acts as a counterweight when in the writing position. All-in-all this is fun and quirky design that will actually get the job done nicely.

Features Include:

  • Familiar look and feel
  • Sturdy Aluminum Construction
  • Universal Capacitive stylus tip
  • 6 mm Smooth Silicone "Soft Touch" Tip
  • Protects Screen from Smears, Scratches and Fingerprints