The Standard Black Silicone Tip Stylus versus The Nylon Mesh Tip Stylus

Most consumers are not aware that there is actually a big difference in the results you get from a Stylus based solely on the type of tip you use.

When you think of a Stylus you automatically conjure up images of a black silicone tip. However, much like electronic components evolve rapidly so has the market for styluses. In fact, there are now several types of Stylus tips available on the market from the standard silicone tip to the Nylon mesh tip, the fiber brush tips or even the transparent discs.

Today, we will be discussing the differences between the silicone tip and the nylon mesh tip. To begin let's take the Standard black silicone tip...

The silicone tip is a great entry-level stylus tip and can work for most routine tasks like navigation or quick tapping.  Unfortuantely though this type of tip has it's limitations. You can not acheive a true writing experience both in look and feel when using this type of tipped stylus. This is becuase the Silicone is not very accurate and when compressed on the surface tends to take a shotgun approach by registering as a larger surface area onur device.  Additionally, when you draw, sketch or write with this type of tipped stylus you need fulidity to get a good result. The silicone tip feels more like an eraser dragging across the screen and can often snag. A great example of this type of stylus tip is our Soft touch Bright stylus.

The Nylon mesh tips offer a superior experience for the end user becuase the Nylon mesh tipped styluses are far more accurate than a silicone tip. They are superb for Games that require pin-point accuracy, writing or note taking and do also work well for sketching or drawing.

The Nylon mesh tipped styluses tend to be used by those end-users that require a more professional grade result and prefer the feel of soft glide across the screen.  These tips are meant to move across the screen without any effort while providing you a higher level of accuracy on your mobile device. A great example of this type of stylus tip is our Craftsman stylus by Precision Touch™



Although each stylus tip is very different in its results it will still depend on your own individual needs to determine what is the best fir for you.