The Luxe Stylus is an elegant and refined 100% real Carbon Fiber Stylus

There are many styluses out on the market today but very few are truly high quality and even fewer are made so well that they deserve to be called "Spectacular".   Precision Touch created the LUXE stylus using only top-quality materials including a 100% real carbon fiber barrel and beautifully chromed Pen Cap and Stylus tip.
The attention to detail with this stylus is further evidenced by the subtle Precision Touch  "P" logo on the top of the pen cap.
The LUXE is the epitome of refinement in a stylus / pen combination. The Fine ball point pen is concealed under a beautiful bright chrome cap and writes smoothly and cleanly because of the premium Schneider ink cartridges made in Germany. The LUXE arrives in a beautiful carbon fiber inspired gift box with a secure magnetic closure and velvet ribbon insert to keep the LUXE stylus snugly  in its place.
When you use this stylus you will notice the perfect weight and balance it offers. The ink pen glides effortlessly on paper and contains superior grade of ink.
Not only is this an excellent stylus to give as a gift but it is also a stylus/pen you would be proud to own and show off.