What is the best stylus for a digital artist?

What is the best stylus for a digital artist?


Because we are we get this question all the time and to be honest there are many good styluses on the market that will provide a digital artist with a good result. However, not all styluses are created equal and that’s where the line in the sand must be drawn when discussing what stylus works best for an Artist.


Let me elaborate by saying a digital artist can use a standard silicone tip, a nylon mesh tip, a high-quality brush stylus and achieve a reasonably high-end result but to get truly exceptional results most digital artist prefer to use a transparent disc stylus. One such example of this kid of stylus is the DAGI line of disc styluses. Made with top quality materials these are professional grade styluses which will deliver long after you have changed your mobile device for a new one.

You might ask…”What’s so great about a transparent disc?” Well, I’m glad you asked that question. Transparent discs offer you a few great benefits. First they are transparent so it allows the digital artist the ability to see what they are drawing without obstruction. Second, these types of styluses manufacturers tend to offer a much better ergonomic design overall which plays a large role in good artwork. Third, the disc tends to last substantially longer than a traditional stylus tip would under normal conditions. Lastly, the transparent disc is much more accurate than you will find with a standard stylus. Most users are thoroughly surprised at the maneuverability and fine point accuracy that this type of stylus offers.


Take a look at our newest line of Dagi styluses, the Dagi Plus, the Dagi 2-in1 and the Dagi Laser stylus and view our sample videos so you can see all of the fun, amazing and cool things this kind of stylus is capable of creating. The Dagi Transparent Stylus offers digital artists an undeniable value and great return on investment.


Add don't forget to choose a good application like sketchbook pro, paper or penulitmate to get the best results out of your stylus.