Why do you need a Stylus and what can a Stylus do for you?

Why do you need a Stylus and what can a Stylus do for you?


Many people think that a stylus is not for them because they are able to use their fingertip instead. While this may be partly true it is definitely not the case for most people. A stylus has many versatile benefits to the user that they may not even be aware of.

For example, if you working with a small device such as an IPhone or Samsung galaxy S5 you may realize that your fingertip is to big or blunt to accurately hit the correct letter s every time when typing an email. A slim stylus like the SILVER SLIM will provide you a great way to be more accurate and ultimately faster when typing your email, notes or texts.

Children find the stylus an exceptionally great toll to use because it helps them with their dexterity and also allows them to trace or practice writing like they would with a regular pen. A popular kid stylus is both the Soft Touch Bright styluses and the ALU styluses because they are easy to hold onto to for children.

If you or your loved one has any sort of affliction such as arthritis or carpel tunnel then a good thick stylus will serve them well for routine tasks. We find many customers prefer the PHAT PEN or the ALU under these circumstances.

If you are an artist that uses a digital canvas then you are going to need one of the DAGI stylus models such as the DAGI PLUS. The disc offers superb accuracy and eliminates the viewing obstructions that most styluses seems to have for artists.

Of course there are many other benefits to a stylus such as keeping your screen clean and smudge free.

Playing games can become much easier, more fun and more accurate when using a stylus like a the CRATFMAN

Many styluses can even act as a decorative item like the TEARDROP STYLUS. This adds a bit of flare to its functionality.

Of course the most basic need for a stylus would be to simply navigate around your device quickly and any of the styluses you will find at will serve your purpose.