Trendy, funky and cool styluses are the latest rage in the mobile accessory marketplace.

Trendy, funky and cool styluses. We all want them.


Just because you may have a need for a stylus for your mobile device does not mean that you have to settle for a conservative muted, monotone and boring old stylus design. Those type of styluses are a thing of the past.


Today’s styluses offer user a much more varied choice and selection. Some styluses that are currently on the market have really great color combinations and designs. For example, Stylusshop has a variety of styluses that look like a feather or old fashioned quill pen. There are styluses made to look like a yellow number 2 pencil from your childhood school days. There are styluses that look like arrows or darts, have bright fancy colors, glow in the dart, retract and conceal hidden items like a pen, screwdriver or even a level spirit.


If you can imagine it there is probably a stylus out there that has been made to look like your dream. Recently, Stylusshop came across a stylus that was also a cool wrist bangle/cuff. You could straighten it out or slap it on your wrist and it would wrap around your wrist to appear like a fashion accessory. Some other great examples are the charm stylus that look like teardrops or bullets and dangle from your devices headphone jack with the use of a tether. These funky styluses tend to look more like a charm than and actual stylus but I guess that’s the point.

The selection and designs will never stop growing and you will be able to find all the newest styles of styluses when you visit our online catalog.


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