The Longest Stylus available

The Newest member to our catalog is the Ultra long stylus “The Javelin” made by Precision Touch ™. The Javelin stylus measures in at a cool 7.3 inches and offers a well-made removable chromed tip with replaceable silicone nibs that are small 5.5mm in size.


This long stylus is an exceptionally made tool that allows the user to have a longer reach when their touchscreen device may not be in close proximity. Imagine you are at your desk and you have a Microsoft Surface tablet/laptop. While at work you will have the screen mounted in an upright position which makes it difficult for you to reach forward to navigate. Now with the Javelin stylus you won’t have to stretch your body to work on that device.

Additionally, this is a great tool for little kids that are used to a longer pencil like feel when writing at school. This length will offer them the ability to work on their device without any sort of discomfort or strain.

Lastly, the Javelin is also a great tool for our seniors or the disabled. The longer length allows them to hold the screen at a farther distance while providing ample length to utilize all the applications they may normally use.


The Javelin comes with a chrome shirt clip and can be easily tethered to a device. The replaceable nibs are a snap to change and will not only last you a long time but because they are only 5.5mm they will provide you a more precise and accurate result on your Touchscreen device.

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