What is the best stylus for notetaking?



Most styluses to day offer a standard black silicone nib. The problem with these kind of styluses are they are just not smooth or precise enough to offer the user a true life-like pen or pencil quality result.

Most stylus users become frustrated with the silicone based stylus when trying to take notes, sign something or use a handwriting app. Until now there were not many choices.

Thankfully, all that has changed in the past year. With the advent of the Fiber mesh tip styluses and the transparent disc based styluses the consumer now has a much broader variety to choose from and of course a much better end result as well.


The Micro fiber mesh tip looks like metal knit but are in fact made of a special material that( will not damage or hurt your screen surface in anyway) allow the stylus to glide across the screen surface without any snagging or skipping. This allows the user to get a much more accurate and a more real looking signature, or handwritten note. A perfect example of this kind of tip is the LUXE™ stylus by Precision Touch™ and the Craftsman also made by Precision Touch™. These two stylus offer very different features but share one item in common which is the superbly accurate micro fiber mesh tip.


The next kind of tip that works well for notes, handwriting recognition as well as sketching is the Disc styluses. These stylus seem a little odd at first because they have a flat transparent disc that rest on the screen surface. However, these disc styluses are incredibly precise and accurate and allow the user to see through the disc without obstruction so they can get a fine and more pinpoint result from the stylus. Once of the most popular manufactures of these type of styluses is the Dagi brand. Stylusshop is lucky to be the U.S. Distributor and carries a variety of styles from their available catalog.

One thing to consider no matter which of the two stylus tips you choose to use is the type of Application. Although these styluses will work any application there are some apps that are better than others, just like a stylus. We typically recommend a quality app like Penulitmate, NoteHD or paper if you need to handwrite notes on your device. If you are looking to sketch or input quick reminders than Evernote or Sktechbook pro is probably your safest bet.

Whether you prefer a Micro fiber mesh tip or a disc shaped tip the result will always be a more fluid handwriting or note taking experience.