Best Stylus for Use in Schools

When it comes to purchasing the best stylus for use in schools, it’s important to consider the durability and user-friendliness of various products before making a firm decision. After all, school-age kids, whether younger or older, have special needs which must be accommodated in order to ensure that they will enjoy using these practical devices with their iPads or iPhones.

If you’re in the market for an iPad Stylus or Apple iPhone stylus for use in schools, you’ll enjoy this detailed guideline, as it lists all of the best stylus types for kids and teens, along with a host of product details and features related to each sort of stylus. 

Best Stylus Pen for Younger Kids

Kids need almost-indestructible iPhone stylus tools, so it’s very important to choose rugged models that are truly built to last. In addition, chubby little fingers need thicker styluses to hold, so a wider tool that is easy to grip should be on your shopping list.

Younger kids are still developing manual dexterity, so very thin stylus tools may be an unwise choice for little ones. Rubber grips along the sides will help little fingers to hold styluses tight. Engraved ribbing along a stylus’ surface area will also help your child to use his or her new tool more effectively and precisely.

When a stylus is too hard to hold, a child may become frustrated and then decide to give up on the joy of learning how to access high technology and educational resources via an iPhone, iPad, tablet or Android phone.

Go for strong materials, such as aluminum, as kids will be less likely to break their stylus tools when they’re crafted from heavy-duty materials. As well, search for styluses that can’t be dismantled easily, such as Apple iPhone styluses with slippery tips that may only be easily replaced by more dexterous adult hands.

Since kids are so curious by nature, it’s important to provide them with tools that they can’t take apart easily, just out of inquisitiveness. You’ll get a better return on your investment when you choose a stylus that is specially designed for kids to use.  

To help you comparison shop, we’ve compiled some information about great styluses for kids. These days, tablets, Android phones, iPhones, and the like are more popular in schools than ever before, so knowing which stylus is best will be very helpful to parents and educators. The price of a stylus should be affordable, and quality should be high. Product reviews and product details will help you to make a good choice that is a perfect balance of sensible features and affordability.

The Mini Alloy

Available for less than twenty dollars, this affordable piece is compact, but still large enough for younger kids to hold comfortably and to use properly. Featuring a clever weighted design that offers kids more precision while they use the tool, the reasonably-priced Mini Alloy stylus is crafted from strong, durable aluminum that is truly the perfect stylus material for school-age kids.  

Made for use with an iPad, Android Tablet, or any other type of touch-based electronic device, the Mini Alloy comes in a rainbow-riot of colors (as well as basic black), so it will be easy to give your child a shiny new stylus that fits his or her personal tastes. Each Mini Alloy comes with a six millimeter rubber tip that will give your child ultimate control while he or she uses the device.

The Alu Stylus “Pretty Pink” is shaped just like a children’s pencil, with beveled sides that make it easier to grip. Also weighted for more control, this special “artist’s stylus” is perfect for creative children who enjoy making their own designs via their electronic devices. Crafted from rugged aluminum, this stylus is equipped with an eight millimeter nib and comes in four appealing colors.

A younger child will enjoy writing, playing games, creating digital art, or simply exploring his or her device’s myriad of features when he or she owns this practical and affordable design. The Alu Stylus “Pretty Pink” retails for only $21.99.

Best Styluses for Older Students

Older kids have better manual dexterity, so they will be able to use narrower stylus tools without running into problems. Obviously, this opens up a host of options, so you’ll have plenty of great styluses to choose from when shopping for your stylus tool.

Often, the best option for older kids is to choose a product with enough compatibility to work with a range of today’s hottest gadgets. After all, why buy more than one stylus for your son or daughter (or classroom), if you can find one affordable design that works with almost every electronic device?

The “Multi Tip Touch Stylus”

For superior versatility and affordability that suits the needs of older kids perfectly, the “Multi Tip Touch Stylus” will be an ideal choice. Retailing for only $18.99, this device is available in basic black, and its “resistive” rubber tip (for use on resistive computer screens) provides compatibility with a host of digital devices such as the Nintendo DS , Palm PDA’s or many Windows Mobile based devices.

The “capacitive” tip of the device (for use on capacitive screens) is compatible with the iPad, the iPhone, the iPod Touch and many other devices that feature either iOS, Android or Windows Operating Systems.

The “Multi Tip Touch Stylus” even offers a pop-out ballpoint pen, so your older child will be able to use his or her new stylus for “old school” cursive writing, drawing, and printing. This 007-worthy device has all of the bells and whistles, so it’s truly the ideal choice for kids in older grades (who may have access to more types of electronic devices).

Choose the Perfect Stylus for Your Child Today

Now that you know more about stylus tools for the latest tablets, phones and other hot digital toys, you’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision about shopping for your younger or older child. With the latest technology, it’s possible to get just the right size, shape, and features for your son or daughter’s educational needs. By offering your child the very best, you’ll give him (or her) a chance to learn easily and comfortably on today’s most popular electronic gadgets.