What To Consider When Buying A Stylus

A stylus pen makes a wonderful addition to any smartphone or tablet user. Use a stylus if you’re looking to make use of your touchscreen device easier than ever! Nothing can make your smartphone and iPad more responsive than a stylus. In fact, a stylus pen for your iPad may make all the difference when it comes to your tablet experience. But what type of stylus for your iPad would be best?

You need to think about a few different aspects when it comes to choose a stylus that’s right for your iPad. You must first think about the length, width, weight, resistance and sensitivity, tip hardness, durability and added extras that may be included.


You may be thinking to yourself, ‘Length? What does length have to do with anything?.’ It’s important that you understand a shorter stylus may be easier for you to use. It’ll be closer to your hand, but it also may not be practical for use on a bigger device, like an iPad. The display may become blocked by your hand if you decide to choose a bullet-sized stylus. If you’re looking to use your stylus on your iPad the majority of the time, we suggest buying a length that resembles a pencil.


For individuals who have lower dexterity, a wider stylus may be perfect, but for those who aren’t looking to improve dexterity, a thinner stylus may be your best bet. A thinner stylus is known to work better for transporting, and they work well with smaller displays, like an iPhone.


While many styluses are light and easy to handle, some may have a heavier design, and that added weight can make your stylus easier to control. So, if you’re buying a stylus to use for drawing, you may want to think about the added control a heavier stylus can provide. However, if you’re getting a fine point stylus for writing, a lighter stylus may be the option you want to explore.

Resistance and Sensitivity

Many stylus users prefer one that moves smoothly over the surface of the touchscreen because it not only shudders resistance, but it’s easier to use. The same goes for a stylus that provides a sensitive response. In many cases, the tip of the stylus you choose will determine resistance and sensitivity. To get you started, conductive foam, silicone tips and fabric may offer you less resistance than rubber tips.

Tip Hardness

If you’re worried about how well your stylus will move, you need to look at how hard the tip is. Tip hardness directly affects the stylus’ movement, and of course, the likelihood of damage to your device’s screen. Harder, rubber tips will offer more control for writing, but the soft and flexible tips are less likely to damage your device with blemishes and scratches. To avoid any scratches or blemishes, we recommend buying and using a screen protector at all times.


While many styluses that you can purchase from Stylus Shop are inexpensive, there are some that are a bit more pricey. No matter which you buy, understand that they are durable, but only for so long. The more you use your stylus, the more it will naturally wear down. A worn down stylus tip can become less effective. But don’t worry, stylus tips can be replaced for a small cost!

Added Extras

If you’re looking for added bonuses when buying a stylus for your iPad, be sure you check out all of the special features before you make your decision. Some styluses we offer are magnetized to attach to cases or to the touch screen device. These designs are to help you carry them, and some even come with eyelets, lanyard or pocket clips. Find one now that you’ll find useful!

Shop for an affordable, yet rewarding stylus pen for your iPad online with Stylus Shop today, and contact us with any questions or concerns. And remember, if you're not happy with your purchase, we’ll exchange it or return it at no cost within 30 days of purchase.