Mini Telescope Stylus

Product Description

Product Description:

Our bare bones model for those on a tight budget. This stylus comes complete with a foam tip and ultra slim design which fits easily into pocket or your palm.
Its miniature 2.5 inch body extends to just over 3.75 inches for a more comfortable grip while in use. Due to its feather-light weight, users will need to apply a slightly stronger pressure while tapping or scrolling on their device touch screen. This feature is beneficial to those easily frustrated by unintentional actions registered by a stylus with a "Soft Touch" Silicone tip.

Features Include:
+ Length Extension
+ "Hard Touch" Response tip
+ Ultra Slim & Light-Weight
+ No Batteries or Special Software Required
+ Fits in a standard headphone audio jack using the attached Plug & Tether
+ Universal Compatibility for all Capacitive Touch-Screen devices
+ Protects Screens from Smears, Scratches and Fingerprints

Package Includes: 1 Stylus

This Stylus is compatible with any touch screen device and will work great on any smart phone or tablet. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: "Can I use my finger to interact with my device?" If the answer is "YES" then a Stylus will work on your device.

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