10 Pack - Short Coiled Tethers

Product Description

These small tethers are compact but really stretch. Never lose your Stylus again. With a tether and Plug system you can have your stylus available at a moments notice. Never worry about misplacing your stylus or fumbling through your bag to locate it. These small black coil tethers allows you to use the stylus while tethered directly to your device without removing it.
You can also shorten or extend the length of the tether based on your personal needs.
Features Include:
+ Package with 10 coiled detachable tether / lanyards
+ The resting length is 2 inches
+ The fully extended length is 13 inches
+ You can combine the three coiled tethers in various configurations for longer or shorter lengths
+ Designed for compatibility with any standard 3.5mm headphone audio jack* This product does not include stylus pens

Package Includes: 10 Short Coiled Tethers

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