24 Pack - Coiled and Elastic Tether Combo plus Extenders

Product Description


Bundle of 6 PRECISION TOUCH™ Long Coiled Detachable Tether Strings and 6 PRECISION TOUCH™ Long Elastic Detachable Tether Strings with 12 extenders / Lanyards for Stylus Pens in retail packaging.

Features Include:
+ Length of the Elastic tether is 17 inches not extended and 35 inches when fully extended.
+ Length of the Coiled tether is 8.5 inches not extended and 17 inches when fully extended.
+ Length of the Extender clips: 2.5 inches.* This product does not include stylus pen

Package Includes: 6 Elastic Tethers and 6 Coiled Tethers

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