3 Pack - Craftsman Stylus

Product Description


The very best in precision and accuracy! This stylus boasts a simple, elegant design and a 7mm smooth "Nylon Mesh" tip. It is both a customer and employee favorite as it feels great in the hand and glides effortlessly across the screen. What makes this Stylus so great? The Precision Touch™ line of Styluses feature a "Nylon Mesh" tip. Picture dragging an eraser over a piece of glass vs. dragging a Q-tip over the same surface. That's how smoothly it glides. The tip features a walled construction and is elastic, meaning that unlike silicone tips that implode when pressed against the screen, this tip still makes contact even if held slightly at an angle.
Features include:
+ Elegant Design
+ Chrome Pocket Clip
+ Universal Capacitive Stylus
+ Durable, High Quality Materials

Package Includes: 3 Styluses in the selected color

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