3 Pack - K-12 Stylus Tips

Product Description


3-Pack of our premium "Nylon Mesh" replacement stylus tips.

Compatible with the K-12 line of stylus pens.
Our K-12 line has an extra special design feature that allows you to unscrew and replace old "Nylon Mesh" tips should you so choose.

1) Unscrew top of stylus (Where the tether is attached).
2) Remove hidden pen.
3) Insert thin flat headed screw driver (Recommend: Stanley No. 3 Screwdriver).
4) Turn Counter-Clockwise to loosen tip.
5) Hold stylus upside down and the tip should come out from inside the shaft.
6) Pull off old tip and place new tip over screw portion.
7) Drop back into the shaft and screw in Clockwise.
8) Replace ink pen top and you are done.

Package Includes: 3 Stylus Tips


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