El Capo Telescopic Stylus

Product Description

Product Description:

This stylus is the top in mid-sized stylues! Measuring approx. 2 inches, this unique stylus dangles from any standard headphone jack. A fantastic choice for those who tend to misplace accessories, this stylus discourages loss by allowing its tethered cap to remain securely attached to your device while the stylus portion is in use. This serves as a great reminder to place your stylus back into its tethered cap "home" after each use.

With a slight tug, the stylus body separates from its cap to reveal a 6mm smooth silicone "Soft Touch" tip. The back end features an attractive 1 inch chrome extension to support an ergonomic grip that easily retracts for storage of a less obtrusive and seemingly miniature accessory. As an added bonus, the headphone plug helps protect your jack from environmental dust and debris.

Features Include:
+ Ergonomic Extension
+ Stylish Compact Design
+ Durable, High Quality Materials
+ 6mm Smooth Silicone "Soft Touch" Tip
+ Standard 3.5mm Audio Jack Protector Plug and Tether
+ Protects Screen from Smears, Scratches and Fingerprints

Package Includes: 1 Stylus


This Stylus is compatible with any touch screen device and will work great on any smart phone or tablet. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: "Can I use my finger to interact with my device?" If the answer is "YES" then a Stylus will work on your device.

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