Mini Torpedo Keyring Stylus

Product Description

Product Description:

Measuring approx. 2 inches, this bullet-style mini stylus dangles from any standard headphone jack. A fantastic choice for those who tend to misplace accessories or simply want to keep their headphone jack free from environmental dust and debris. This discrete stylus features a 7.5mm smooth silicone "soft touch" tip and a telescoping back-end, which lengthens to reveal a quarter-inch chrome extension that supports an ergonomic grip.

Features Include:
+ Small and discreet but powerful
+ Lightweight & Compact
+ Small "Bullet-like" design
+ Universal Capacitive Stylus tip
+ Durable, High-Quality Materials
+ 7.5 mm Smooth Silicone "Soft Touch" Tip
+ Protects Screen from Smears, Scratches and Fingerprints

Package Includes: 1 Stylus

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