Sputnik Laser Stylus

Product Description


The perfect presenter’s tool! This stylus is a 3-in-1 solution. This premium stylus features a powerful laser pointer (red .5mw), a mini-flashlight (white LED) and a 7mm "Soft Touch" stylus tip. The laser pointer doubles as a fantastic presentation tool, cat toy, and can reach distances over 1,500 feet. It requires 3 replaceable button-cell batteries (included). This stylus is lined with chrome accents, including a sturdy hourglass-shaped pocket clip.

Features Include:
+ Handy 3-in-1 Tool
+ Laser Pointer
+ Mini Flashlight/Reading Light
+ Chrome Pocket Clip
+ Universal Capacitive Stylus
+ Durable, High-Quality Materials
+ 7 mm Smooth Silicone "Soft Touch" Tip
+ Protects Screen from Smears, Scratches and Fingerprints

Package Includes: 1 Stylus


This Stylus is compatible with any capacitive touch-screen device including:
+ Apple iPad and iPhone (All Models)
+ Samsung Galaxy (All Models including Samsung Galaxy S6. S6 Edge)
+ Amazon Kindle (All Models including DX, Fire, Fire HDX, Paperwhite)
+ Microsoft Surface (All Models)

Still Unsure?
This Stylus is compatible with any touch screen device and will work great on any smart phone or tablet. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: "Can I use my finger to interact with my device?" If the answer is "YES" then a Stylus will work on your device.

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