The Sweeper Stylus


Product Description


Get the feel of a brush with the accuracy of a stylus! For those who prefer the feel of a brush tipped stylus we present this lightweight, ultra thin design. The business end features a 3.5mm firm brush tip while the opposing end offers a connection point for tethering with lanyard or keyring. The unique brush tip requires the application of a slightly stronger pressure while tapping or scrolling on a device’s touch screen. This feature is for those easily frustrated by unintentional actions by a stylus with light response. The tip can also serve as a whisking brush for cleaning out the nooks and crannies of your device.

Features Include:
+ Tetherable
+ Thin and Light
+ Hard Touch Response
+ Universal Stylus
+ Durable, High-Quality
+ 3.5mm Firm Brush Tip
+ Protects Screen from Smears, Scratches and prints

Package Includes: 1 Stylus

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